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SMC-520 Temperature and Humidity

The SMC SMC-520 is designed for high demanding outdoor applications for temperature and humidity measurement. The SMC-520 delivers a reliable and accurate readings for various meteorology applications. The temperature and humidity sensor is delivered with a sintered Teflon filter to protect the sensing elements from water, dust and dirt.

SMC-560 Solar Radiation Shield

The SMC SMC-560 is a natural ventilated Solar Radiation Shield that provides excellent protection for solar radiation and precipitation. The solar radiation shield is designed for outdoor installations of temperature and humidity sensors. The shield is delivered with a pole mounting bracket in stainless steel 316L for poles with diameter 30-60mm and a fixation gland for mounting the probe with an outer diameter of 18-25mm.

Cable for SMC-520

Cable with 8 pin connector for the SMC-520 temperature and humidity sensor. The cable jacket is in PUR and the cable is shielded.

Teflon Filter for SMC-520

PTFE Teflon filter for protection of water, dust and dirt. Fits the SMC-520 Temperature and Humidity sensor.

PTU300 Weather station - Barometric pressure, Humidity, Temperature

The Vaisala PTU300 is a combined Pressure, Humidity and Temperature transmitter. The weather transmitter can be equipped with two pressure sensors for verification purposes.
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WXT530 Series Weather Station - Barometric pressure, Relative humidity, Air temperature, Wind, Precipitation

The Vaisala WXT530 series weather station is combining essential weather parameters in a all in one solution. The WXT series measures Barometric Pressure, Temperature, Humidity, Rain and Wind which can be combined according to specifications.
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MetPak Weather Station - Barometric pressure, Humidity, Temperature, Wind, Dew Point

The Gill MetPak weather station combines important weather parameters in one package. The MetPak measures Wind, Temperature, Humidity and Pressure
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HMP155 Humidity and Temperature Probe

The Vaisala HMP155 temperature and humidity sensor provides reliable outdoor temperature and humidity measurements. The sensing elements are protected with a sintered teflon filter for protection against water and dirt. The HMP155 is normally installed in a DTR503 solar radiation screen.
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