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SMC-630 Barometric Pressure

The SMC-630 series is a high performance atmospheric barometric pressure device. It is designed for high demanding applications as aviation and professional meteorology, where high reliability and accurate absolute pressure readings is desired. The SMC-630 uses quartz pressure elements which produces high accurate readings with an excellent long-term stability. The SMC-630 have RS232 and RS485 outputs and is transmitting its data in a standard ASCII string.

MetPak Weather Station - Barometric pressure, Humidity, Temperature, Wind, Dew Point

The Gill MetPak weather station combines important weather parameters in one package. The MetPak measures Wind, Temperature, Humidity and Pressure
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WXT530 Series Weather Station - Barometric pressure, Relative humidity, Air temperature, Wind, Precipitation

The Vaisala WXT530 series weather station is combining essential weather parameters in a all in one solution. The WXT series measures Barometric Pressure, Temperature, Humidity, Rain and Wind which can be combined according to specifications.
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PTB330 Barometric Pressure

The Vaisala PTB330 Pressure sensor is designed for a wide range of high-end atmospheric pressure measurement. The PTB330 can incorporate one, two, or three BAROCAP sensors for verification purposes.
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PTU300 Weather station - Barometric pressure, Humidity, Temperature

The Vaisala PTU300 is a combined Pressure, Humidity and Temperature transmitter. The weather transmitter can be equipped with two pressure sensors for verification purposes.
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